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The workplace: a safe and inspiring space for everyone

At the agency, we think big. We go beyond trends. We’re vibrant, we’re different and we come from diverse backgrounds. But above all, we listen to the experiences of everyone.

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s mission

The committee’s mission is for everyone on the team, no matter their beliefs, their gender, their orientation or their origins, to feel like they can grow here without having to censor themselves.

With a bright next generation of leaders and gender-balanced executive committee, we’ve already come a long way. But we want to go further, by promoting ideas to create an inclusive culture with the help of a committee composed of diverse individuals and allies.

The Committee was born to establish clear goals and identify best practices when it comes to inclusivity and diversity, all the while amplifying diverse voices within the agency.

The Committee’s goals

Our goal is nothing short of ambitious. In its purest form, we want to promote equity, diversity and inclusivity through our projects and realizations.

To do so, we need to:

  • Educate and raise awareness within our agency and among our clients.
  • Promote accountability when it comes to inclusivity and diversity
  • Increase representation of diverse communities within the agency
  • Put diversity forward in our various projects and mandates
  • Take a stand on issues of diversity and inclusivity
  • Stay informed and share our learnings with our team and our clients

How we’ll get there

After having organized a series of internal trainings and established reliable resources, the Committee also created safe spaces for employees to get educated, discuss, and talk to someone.

We’ll also spotlight inspiring people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, through our collaborators, our campaigns and our internal communications. The ultimate goal is to enrich the agency’s DNA and provide space for a multitude of realities to shine.

Ultimately, we aim to bridge the gap between our values and the image we project. We are committed to using the agency’s expertise for the cause, working with all our rigor, our passion, and our creativity. Because as an organization working in the marketing and communications fields, we have the opportunity and the obligation to change mentalities.

We invite you to join us on the road to equity.
Together, let’s create a more open and inclusive world.