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DoorDash helps Quebecers pack during moving week

08 July

With this summer campaign, Substance/Radiance shows that DoorDash is way more than a simple delivery app.

After a brilliantly orchestrated first campaign that felt 100% Quebecois for the delivery giant, Substance/Radiance was mandated by DoorDash to establish an awareness campaign targeting the Quebec market. The goal: to make the app the number 1 option for Quebecers’ when they’re hungry.

The goal of this campaign was to increase brand recognition and consideration, particularly outside Montreal, and to put forward its large selection of restaurants to improve its general perception.

To do this, the agency banked on a tradition well ingrained in Quebecois culture: moving day. On July 1st, cube trucks take over the streets of Quebec. And when we need muscle to help us on our trips, we obviously pay for the pizza!

But why stop there? There’s a whole array of delicious options when the time comes to order something to reward our friends who helped us move. The creative team ran with this idea to better deconstruct it. From the agency’s box of ideas to the take-out box, these concepts were used in clever ways.

The box of clothing became a box of pad thaï. The three-seat sofa turned into a sushi platter. During moving week, DoorDash changed all its posters to the “Moving Week” campaign displays. “We managed to capture our target audience’s attention with an eye-catching visual environment,” explains Maxime Souci, Artistic Direction and Creative Co-Lead at Substance/Radiance.

A tagline was also developed to support the campaign visuals:

New Neighbourhood. New Flavours.

For many, moving to a new neighbourhood represents a fresh start. It’s a whole new world of discovery and opportunity opening up. Thanks to DoorDash, the very best flavours around are one click away. With this campaign, DoorDash makes a statement: that it knows Quebecois culture inside and out and truly embraces our uniqueness.

“Our clients chose us for our market expertise. It’s important for them to be a part of key cultural moments in Quebec and to use their platforms to show DoorDash is there to support local businesses. Every initiative the agency crafts is centred around local merchants. With the ‘Moving Day’ campaign, we wanted to represent the beautiful diversity of cuisines in Quebec,” adds Marylyna Larrivée-Petrucci, Consulting Director at Substance/Radiance.

So is DoorDash “just” a delivery app? Definitely not. DoorDash helps those who use it to connect to the best their neighbourhood has to offer, while supporting their community and local restaurants. DoorDash is all of that. And thanks to this campaign signed Substance/Radiance, all of Quebec knows it now.

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