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Introducing ourselves in a new light, straight up

19 December

What do 10 years represent? For us, this milestone inspired a massive turning point. Our agency, known as Substance / Radiance over the last few years, will now be Substance. We’re proud to celebrate a decade of innovation, performance, and learning.

We took advantage of our anniversary to review our name and our graphic universe, now composed of vibrant and fresh colours. We’re putting our offer’s uniqueness within the industry without distorting or reinventing its nature. Simply but effectively, we present a unique proposition: content, creation, and media. This event was the perfect opportunity to take stock of our last few years and to launch our future. One company, under a single name, switching gears and looking straight ahead.

“It’s important for us to gather all our services under a single umbrella. We’re simplifying our offer for our clients, but also for those at its core. Today, Substance’s identity is clear: agile content, straightforward creation and high-performing media. It’s a unique formula. The only winning formula,” states Guillaume Brunet, founder and president.

10 years makes room to form important relationships. To this day, we are proud to count Tremblant, Saputo, Metro Group, Jean-Sco, Sico (PPG), DoorDash and, more recently, Garda among our clients, just to name a few leading companies.

We celebrated this important milestone with a festive event this past november 17th, where current and future clients and partners, and past and current members of the agency were invited.

Talent from our various departments gave conferences on their distinctive expertise. We also welcomed Google and TikTok representatives to share insights, trends and innovations of their respective platforms.


“We celebrated our 10th anniversary in good company, in the heart of the neighbourhood where the agency was born and grew, Pointe-St-Charles. Actually, we celebrated our 10 first years, but above all, we kicked off the next 10,” adds Guillaume Brunet.

We opened the door to new challenges, to new relationships and, more importantly, to a stronger place as a leader in the industry. With our unique and high-performing offer, we opened the door to the next decade with flying colours. Let’s meet again in 10 years?

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