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A Fresh Campaign for Producteurs en serre du Québec, Signed Substance/Radiance

29 June


For the first time, the Producteurs en serre du Québec (Quebec greenhouse fruits and vegetables sector) came together to promote their products across the province.

Substance/Radiance was mandated to develop an awareness campaign promoting the greenhouse fruits and vegetables of Quebec to encourage Quebecers to eat them all year long. The main goals of this campaign were to present the distinct advantages of Quebec greenhouse produce and to make them easier to recognize instores.

This initiative with Productions Horticoles Demers, Herbes Gourmandes, Serres Royales, Toundra Greenhouse, Excel Serres and Hydroserre was in partnership with Aliments du Québec, Hydro-Quebec, Industrie Harnois and Desjardins Business. These local businesses doubled their efforts to contribute to Quebec’s food self-sufficiency by increasing production of greenhouse fruits and vegetables.

In this integrated campaign, digital and traditional media are in symbiosis. On top of point-of-purchase (POP) advertising, the campaign was shared on television, in La Presse et La Presse+ news, in web banners and through posts on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The campaign is based on a catchphrase that is striking in its simplicity:

Quebec greenhouse fruits and vegetables.

Naturally fresh.

In this phrase, “naturally” has a double meaning. It not only winks at the natural aspect of greenhouse produce, but also highlights their freshness by presenting it as a given. Quebec greenhouse fruits and vegetables? Naturally, they’re fresh.

“To convey the natural side, we went for a colour palette close to the products themselves, so dominated by green and red accents. We added a sustainable and fun touch with organic and textured illustrations. With this pairing of shades and graphic elements, we’re emphasising that Quebec greenhouse fruits and vegetables are fresh by nature,” adds Maxime Soucy, artistic director and creative practice co-lead at Substance/Radiance.

But how can we ensure that consumers can distinguish between fruits and vegetables grown in greenhouses here and those grown outside Quebec in a single glance? We developed a communication strategy specifically to meet this challenge. Colourful visuals were placed directly at points of purchase next to the fruits and vegetables they represented. The phrase “Serre-toi!” plays upon its homonym “Sers-toi”, meaning “Help yourself”, enticing consumers to choose greenhouse produce while clearly indicating their source.

“Our goal in 360 media is to promote the quick understanding of the campaign in order to facilitate conversion at points of purchase ahead of our major initiatives at points of sales. We had to centre the producers and partners of this initiative at the heart of the message through media partners. We reached both consumers and participating retailers thanks to the ‘Serre-toi!’ brand message,” states Michel Gagnon, Vice President, Strategy and growth at Substance/Radiance.

Through this well-crafted campaign, Substance/Radiance triumphed in getting a clear message across: thanks to Quebec greenhouse fruits and vegetables producers, we have access to quality products all year long.

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