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Great relationships breed creativity

Redefining content marketing

Substance was founded in 2012 by a team of high-performing social media savants.

Agence Substance Stratégie
Agence Substance Stratégie


Our organic approach means we’re able to anticipate the needs of businesses big or small, providing them with the tools necessary for their growth. Located in the culturally-rich neighbourhood of Pointe-Saint-Charles, our team is made up of 50 employees, dedicated to offering our hundreds of customers an unsurpassed level of service. With the addition of our partner agency Radiance, as well as our Great Place to Work certification, more than ever we’re able to provide our customers and our employees with a more human touch. We’re proud to deliver the very best with help from our partner agency, Radiance.

Our expertise

Every day, we push the boundaries of content marketing which is why we’re the number one reference when it comes to finding solutions that fit with the realities of business in today’s modern world. Whether it’s auditing social platforms or creating an integrated campaign, we guide and support our customers in every one of their projects no matter the size or scope.

Agence Substance Stratégie

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A proven formula for all your needs.

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We don’t like to rely on first impressions. From audits to performance reports, we go above and beyond the numbers to analyze and understand your business needs.

We’re of the mindset that the journey is just as important as the destination itself. That’s why we plan ahead in all areas, from budget planning to deliverables, ensuring nothing is left to chance.

We create with purpose, which means that every day we’re developing projects that redefine what’s possible. From Facebook to billboards, we explore new terrain to bring you results that do the talking.

We’re big on great ideas, and we’re even bigger on bringing them to life. Our adaptive and responsive solutions are designed to meet your needs, whether that’s working on an influencer marketing campaign or customer relationship management (CRM).

No matter what, we know there’s always room for growth. Our process involves self-reflection and thinking critically about how we did so we can achieve the best results next time, whether we’re evaluating meetings and brainstorms with you or tracking your results on social media.

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Our clients

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Our values are at the core
of every decision we make.


Our commitment to you goes above and beyond the mandate.


Our thirst for knowledge is the source of our creativity


Records are made to be broken.


Outside our comfort zone is where we live.

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Getting involved

We believe in giving back, and that’s why it’s important for us to share our success and growth with our community through fundraising, volunteer work, and local partnerships. It’s our privilege to lend a helping hand to youth services, wellness initiatives and in arts, youth and culture programs.

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