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20 April 2022

How to build a strong employer brand that brings in top talent

It’s no secret that a number of sectors are facing labour shortages as of late. Right now, millennials make up a significant portion of the workforce, so your business must be taking steps to ensure that it understands what resonates with them.

Did you know that 75% of the labour force is not currently looking for a new role? Filling job openings can be difficult, so be sure to ask yourself what sort of ways can your business stand out and entice job-seekers to want to work for you. Sure, a competitive salary is a great place to start, but when it comes to recruiting qualified people, there are other opportunities available to you.

Employer branding is an effective strategy for attracting new employees and increasing employee retention.

A number of businesses have turned to Substance/Radiance’s expertise to build out their employer branding, all with the goal of recruiting qualified individuals to join their ranks. Always hungry for a new challenge, our agency teams up with creative, daring organizations to launch results-driven employer brand campaigns adapted to the new realities of today’s job market.

Our long-time collaborator, Tremblant, partnered with us to launch Tribu Tremblant, the new face of its employer brand. Tribu Tremblant unites 80 employers under one banner. The mission: encourage job-seekers to relocate to the breathtaking Laurentians. Not exactly a hard sell—after all, who doesn’t dream of living in a vibrant region with sprawling scenery everywhere you look?

The foundation of this project includes a web platform, a launch and content strategy, a calendar and a powerful media plan. Substance/Radiance delivered a creative and integrated campaign that captured the spirit of Tremblant and its employees.

"It was such a pleasure to partner with Substance/Radiance [...] on such an innovative and challenging project, one that encouraged us to push ourselves, rally together, and come up with a successful campaign launch," says Joëlle Lecavalier, Marketing Consultant at Tremblant.

Tremblant isn't the only pillar of this province to call upon our agency's expertise. 2021 marked the 50th anniversary of Tempo, a leader and pioneer in car shelters for winter. The Quebec giant wanted to celebrate this milestone in style. Its partnership with Boom Desjardins led to the creation of a bold, nostalgic campaign developed by Substance/Radiance. It was only natural for Tempo to mandate our agency once again to develop its employer brand to promote the company’s positive corporate culture and team spirit.

“Fall is our busiest time of year. When the Tempo team is faced with storms to weather, we’re not afraid to band together to get the job done. Substance/Radiance is uniquely positioned to recruit employees as passionate as we are—people who truly understand our roots, identity, and share our values,” says Richard Boisclair, president of Tempo.

After developing a positioning strategy, Substance/Radiance delivered a campaign tailored specifically to the company's needs which included the creation of eye-catching visuals and effective media planning, resulting in over 400 qualified leads.

Première Moisson came to us with a targeted employer campaign in mind, following the initial launch of their employer brand and several successful recruitment campaigns. This time, the company wanted to recruit for specific positions both in Quebec and internationally.

The Substance/Radiance team rolled up our sleeves and went straight to work, doubling up on metrics to develop a campaign and visuals that would speak to Quebec and French audiences alike. The results were overwhelmingly positive, and the brand received more than 1,560 resumes to fill its 50 job openings.

All this, in addition to other successful campaigns for employer brands across various sectors, including organizations like RTSI, Syndicat Québécois de la Construction, Municipalité des Îles-de-la-Madeleine and Biscuits Leclerc.


Substance/Radiance is ready to build upon the success of these campaigns to work with brands in different industries and come up with promising employer brand campaigns. If your company is looking to attract and retain the best talent in your industry, contact the Substance/Radiance team and we’ll engage our top-notch creative and strategic thinking to help you create an employer brand that reflects your values and reaches the most qualified candidates.

Reach out to us today.


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