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Article Substance

20 April 2022

Substance / Radiance, an agency that's defining 360 performance means

Performance, results, metrics —they’re all pretty much an obsession here at Substance / Radiance, albeit a healthy one. Focusing on these elements means our agency can stand out—and enables our clients to shine. But our 360 integrated media campaigns wouldn’t be a success if there wasn’t a team of experts behind them.

In the fall of 2020, Substance and Radiance, two separate entities, joined forces to become a united, turnkey agency with a desire to offer its clients the very best. As a united force, we’re able to deliver added value to our customers’ campaigns, using our signature flexible and versatile approach to get the job done.

Eyes in the front (and back) of our head

Some of our recent accomplishments serve to demonstrate Substance / Radiance's unique ability in delivering wide-reaching campaigns. One of the agency's mandates this past year was to reignite Quebecers' love for Tempo, a local brand with a history in the market. The vital components to this campaign's success included a consistent content roll-out across a connected ecosystem and key messaging. We deployed content across various channels to target audiences, including TV, radio, out-of-home, and digital spaces.

Substance / Radiance further flexed its expertise in content creation and 360-degree media buying during a recent Doordash campaign. The agency was successful in helping the meal delivery service stand out from its competitors by deploying unique and compelling traditional and digital creatives. This campaign was 100% geared at Quebecers and included web, outdoor advertising, and influencer marketing assets to attract audiences.

For DoorDash, the agency faced a significant challenge: The meal delivery service wanted not only to enter the province of Quebec but showcase its understanding of the unique needs of this distinct market. Substance / Radiance was able to meet this challenge in several ways. First, the agency produced a locally-focused web series, broadcast on—a 100% local platform. The web series was a big hit, so following that, the agency's team rolled up its sleeves and got back to work. For its next campaign, Substance / Radiance worked with a local comedian named Mathieu Dufour (who was also the host of the web series) to produce a series of ads that ran during the "Bye Bye" New Year's Eve special—the most popular end-of-year TV broadcast special in the province. With the hopes of speaking to the Quebec market, the agency set its sights on the summer moving season—something of a tradition in the region. To highlight this time of year, the Substance / Radiance team created an integrated campaign that included billboards and creative for the city of Montreal's bike-sharing platform, bixi. The campaign was prominently featured across the city's most vibrant neighbourhoods. Such daring initiatives demonstrate the agency's adeptness in content creation, creative media, and integrated media buys to deliver outstanding results.

So, what distinguishes our agency from others? For starters, it's our ability to develop cohesive campaigns comprising various assets that harmonize with one another to get messaging across. Recently, we developed campaigns for AIM Recycling, creating and deploying different ads to reach the company's key demographics and geographic centres. With a profound understanding of Canadian and North American media landscapes, DoorDash, Tempo, RSEQ, Re/Max and plenty of other clients have trusted their integrated campaigns to Substance / Radiance.

The team behind the success

Hard work and passion are drivers of Substance / Radiance's achievements. Leading the team is an executive staff of 10 marketing and communications visionaries. The agency has been fortunate to add some of the industry's most talented individuals to its ranks throughout the years. Substance / Radiance's founder and president Guillaume Brunet wanted to bring something new to the market, the idea behind the agency. He joined up with Michel Gagnon, who brings more than 25 years of experience in media to the table, with a background that includes roles at top Quebec media giants like LaPresse and Bell Media. His holistic approach to digital marketing campaigns provides him and the team with the thinking and tools to carry out integrated projects successfully. "What sets [Substance / Radiance] apart is our deep understanding of media, both local and specialized. It's what allows us to reach target audiences effectively. But our real strength is the talent behind our initiatives. They are willing to adapt and always produce top-notch, performance-driven content that ensures success," says Michel.

Natalie Larivière, Vice-President of Operations with more than 20 years of experience in the cultural and media sectors, developing innovative projects and campaigns is all in a day's work for the agency. Natalie leads a dedicated, passionate team whose creative efforts stand out.

The agency also includes impressive young talents focused on delivering results for clients. Communications and creative director Marc-André Dufresne, consulting director Maude Pelchat, Account Manager Laurence Campeau and Project Coordinator Mélina Filiatrault enhance the client experience by focusing on their needs. This team has a broad view of projects ensuring the creative and strategic teams launch and execute flawless campaigns from start to finish.

The Substance / Radiance guarantee

Adaptability, a sense of strategic know-how, and versatility give the Substance / Radiance team the skills needed to roll out integrated media campaigns. Our expertise isn't just anecdotal: we've got the numbers and returns-on-investments to back it up. It's fair to say that Substance / Radiance's unique approach and dynamic agency model isn't just following trends—it's helping to set them. If you're still seeking a turnkey agency to carry out your large-scale projects, look no further than us.

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