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Article Substance

05 July 2022

Newcomers in the Substance/Radiance admin team

Substance/Radiance is renowned for its creative talents, its experienced advisors and its digital experts. Nonetheless, one department makes the news a little less often, yet it is essential. Without an admin team, we wouldn’t know up from down.

What would an agency be without its administrative team? More often backstage than in the spotlight, this team represents the solid foundations on which all the agency’s initiatives are built.

Stéphane Mesnier, Partner, Performance and Operational Excellence, joined the management team. His vast experience allowed him to demonstrate intrapreneurship and to act as an expert consultant for businesses in various sectors to support growth and implement an ongoing improvement process. His main mandate will be to pilot the agency’s administrative team.

We’ve recently welcomed Choukri Douaissia, Vania Lujan and Raquel Aguilar Gonzalez.

Choukri is our new accounting technician, with years of accounting experience at Asmodee Canada and Group RadiologiX Inc. His irreproachable methodology, his sense of organisation and his talent to turn challenges into opportunities with innovative solutions make him an important member of his team and the agency at large.

Vania also shines as accounting technician for Substance/Radiance. Before joining the team, she progressed at the public relations cabinet NATIONAL as billing and accounts payable coordinator, then as accounting technician at Syntax. Her precision and organisation as well as her deductive and analytical skill make her a valuable player in the team.

Last but not least, Raquel Aguilar Gonzalez joins the administrative team as chief accountant, after 10 years of experience in organisational reports. Her career allowed her to master International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and many other branches of accounting, including treasury, payroll, accounts payable and auditor relations. She’s particularly renowned for her dynamic personality, her proactive nature and her sharp mind, which can handle any problem.

The administrative department plays a key role in the organisation. That’s why we wanted to highlight the excellent work of Stéphane, Choukri, Vania, Raquel and their colleagues. It’s thanks to their rigour and professionalism that we can offer a quality service to our customers, our suppliers, and all the members of the agency.

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