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Article Substance

20 April 2022

Substance / Radiance 2021 Holiday Campaign: A well-deserved break

As we look back, it’s safe to say that last year wound up being just as challenging as 2020 was. For that reason, we knew that by year’s end, we needed to come up with a way to send off some comfort to team members and clients, but we wanted to ensure we did it all while respecting health and safety guidelines.

And so, the Substance / Radiance team put on their thinking caps to brainstorm a few ideas around the company beer keg. That’s when the “a-ha” moment happened. Was there anything more heartwarming than sipping an ice-cold beer surrounded by good company? And just like that, the Substance / Radiance holiday campaign was born.

This idea came from the fact that the agency wanted to give both its team and clients a break. It came in the form of a beer brewed exclusively for Substance / Radiance by L'Albatros brewery, copper ale with gingerbread and coffee notes. After tasting it, we realized that this lightly-bitter brew is best enjoyed surrounded by loved ones, and maybe a fireplace.

La petite pause is a Substance / Radiance creation from top to bottom, both in name and branding. Its minimalist design feels like a winter evening under the stars out at the cottage. We opted for a simple and refined label, purposefully to align with the message the beer was conveying: that it’s time to unwind.

With this delicious beer, Substance / Radiance was hoping to be a part of their clients’ holiday plans. Though separate, we sought to bring us closer together in spirit. To further celebrate the agency’s meaningful partnerships, Substance / Radiance made a donation on behalf of their clients to the Breakfast Club of Canada. Everyone was invited to pitch in and so the team donated their time volunteering for a half-day at the non-profit organization.

For the Breakfast Club of Canada, some put their attention-to-detail skills to work doing data entry. Others phoned up donors to warmly thank them for their support. This gesture is part of a larger effort to support, volunteer, and share our expertise with the goal of fueling the creativity of tomorrow.

In the end, the act of giving can warm the heart more than a fireplace.

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