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15 November 2022

Digital media, traditional media, or integrated media?

With the World Wide Web, social media and mobile platforms, digital has taken over communications as a whole. At Substance / Radiance, we still believe traditional media belong in integrated campaigns. They’re but a natural complement to their digital counterparts and lead to better performance and ultimately propel our projects even further.

Traditional media in consumer’s everyday lives

Traditional media still hold distinctive advantages in the marketing environment and media mix. We can rely on people’s trust of traditional tools and the credibility they’ve developed over the years. Their efficiency and performance as mass media tools has been proven by and large and they remain relevant in consumer’s daily routine. They help push back against digital clutter, which has grown considerably in recent years.

Which ones reach the most?

Television remains the ultimate media for reach and works wonders on brand awareness. Radio is a targeted media that accompanies you in the background daily, which makes ads difficult to avoid. Display intercepts the target audience and provides high potential for creative, agile and contextual impact through simple and powerful messaging. Newspapers and other information platforms allow for opinion and naturally renew their content regularly, targeting various fields of interest.

How to optimize the media plan

Optimizing your media plan depends on various criteria and goals: awareness or consideration? Education or conversion? What type of product are you offering? What are the audience’s socio-demographic characteristics? Which location are we targeting? What are the budgets and available resources?

Each mass media has its strengths and attributes. What matters is which ones best fits your needs and criteria, and how well they complement the digital strategies in place. That’s where your integrated media plan is born.

Being surrounded by key partners

Our network of media partners is renowned for optimizing the strength of our campaigns. In concert with traditional tactics, we leverage the powerful digital ecosystems of partners like Quebecor Media Solutions, Radio-Canada, Bell Media, La Presse, and others. These big industry players are now traditional brands with a powerful digital footprint. This strategy leads to increased exposure, measurability and targeting, which helps drive conversion, the ultimate goal of every campaign.

Media creativity’s contribution

A campaign’s success lies in our ability to generate added value with innovative formats. Media creativity is our tool of choice to maximize our campaigns’ performance. We aim to design unique product integrations in specific environments. We want to make people talk.

Our 360 expertise

At Substance / Radiance, we’ve developed our expertise in integrated media campaigns: the agile combination of traditional and digital media in 360 projects. Our strength in integrated campaigns allows us to propel our clients’ brand awareness and reach specific targets.

That’s where the symbiosis of digital and traditional media leads to powerful, measurable and high-performance integrated strategies. We firmly believe a balanced mix between traditional and digital media leads to better results. Artfully combining them in impactful campaigns is our forte. Our strategic depth makes us the right agency to execute your next integrated campaign.

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