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27 June 2024

Growing strong: Welcoming new shareholders to our team!

Nurturing our team’s professional development is a top priority at Substance. That’s why we’re proud to celebrate our employees’ accomplishments every chance we get. Here, we believe that hard work can lead to great things. That’s why we’re beyond proud to share the news that Maude, Phillipe, and Stéphane have become shareholders in Substance. Get to know this dynamic trio and the journey each took to get where they are today.

Maude, Philippe, and Stéphane are joining an already accomplished team of associates. What do our new shareholders all have in common? All three have grown in their professional careers during their time at Substance. Their personal experiences within the agency have led them to positions where they can actively contribute to our company’s progress and success.

Complementary profiles

Maude Pelchat, Consulting Director, has worked in the marketing industry for over 10 years. Five years ago, she joined Substance. Her career path has been focused on customer-centricity, listening attentively and with an empathetic approach. Maude’s affinity for working in an agency has been a lifelong goal. Her current role as a shareholder is a testament to her passion. Reflecting on her journey, she says: “Being an associate gives me a seat at the table and lets me participate in meaningful discussions. This is a huge milestone that will not only help me grow but help the agency evolve. I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made!”

With a wealth of experience in marketing and e-commerce, Philippe Pétrin, Assistant Director, Digital Performance, plays a pivotal role within the Media Performance team. Renowned for his solutions-oriented approach, Philippe actively contributes to innovation within the department. He has been a part of the Substance team for more than five years now, and this news showcases his commitment to the agency’s mission. “Being a shareholder is more than just a title. It allows me to be more involved on a day-to-day basis and have a 360° overview, so I can be involved in the decisions that impact the agency.”

Stéphane Mesnier, Director of Administration and Operational Efficiency, took an unconventional path to get where he is today. He now spearheads process optimization initiatives, adopting a cross-functional vision of the professional landscape. Driven by an insatiable thirst for learning and development, becoming a shareholder was a natural fit for Stéphane. “I realized quickly that my vision for success aligned with the agency’s. I believed in the work we were doing, and understood I wanted to be fully involved in the company’s development. Becoming an associate was a logical next step for me.”

Our President’s vision

President and Founder of Substance, Guillaume Brunet, expresses pride in this announcement. "It's truly an honour to see these three exceptionally talented individuals, each bringing unique gifts and strengths to the table, invest in our agency. Our goals are shared goals!”

It's inspiring to witness the agency's team progress. Our dedication to growth fuels every step we take. The recent partnership established with Church+State, a Toronto-based agency in which we have invested in, and vice versa, marks yet another step forward in our commitment to helping marketers thrive on both a local and national level. We believe that investing in and accommodating the ambitions and projects of our dedicated team will propel us further. Whether within our team or in collaboration with our partner agency, a combination of our strengths as individuals and our shared vision will take Substance to new heights.

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